• 424 Lawn Aerator

    424 Lawn Aerator

    This machine is simple to use and features a working width of nearly 18" to aerate over 20,000 square feet per hour. The 424 is easy to maneuver, while the bulit in lift handles and removable front weights assist in…

  • PR22 Power Rake

    PR22 Power Rake

    The PR22 operates as a power rake using a flail blade reel with a 5.5hp engine.

  • S22 Seeder

    S22 Seeder

    The S22 seeder is well balanced and portable thanks to the placement of the seed hopper and its folding handles. The 30lb capacity polymer hopper features a site window and is mounted at the rear to ensure easier maneuverability and…

  • Commercial Edger

    Commercial Edger

    Cut up to 90ft a minute! This contractor-tough time saver is as rugged as it is easy to operate.

  • Little Wonder Blower

    Little Wonder Blower

    Little Wonder walk behind Blower is the fastest tool to move leaves and debris, especially if the leaves are wet, deep, or cover a large area.

  • Little Wonder Hedge Trimmer

    Little Wonder Hedge Trimmer

    Double edge; cuts 1/2" diameter fresh growth; Tough, hardened steel blades; Two-handed switching and double insulation.

  • Husqvarna 326L Trimmer

    Husqvarna 326L Trimmer

    Lightweight, versatile string trimmer packs a durable 1.2hp high torque engine to meet all your landscaping needs.

  • Little Wonder Lawn Vac

    Little Wonder Lawn Vac

    Clears and collects stones, bottles, cans, leaves, and other debris that would normally have to be swept up by hand. The top-loading bag compacts better than other leaf and debris vacs. Excellent for residential clean up, industrial applications, commercial sites…

  • Turf Revitalizer Overseeder

    Turf Revitalizer Overseeder

    Turf Revitalizer Overseeder is the best and easiest to use overseeder available. Has a 9hp Subaru engine, 0-3mph hydrostatic drive, 11" pneumatic tires, 40lb seed hopper capacity with a seeding width of 20". Overall width 30.5".

  • Billy Goat Outback Brushcutter

    Billy Goat Outback Brushcutter

    Billy Goat Outback Brushcutter will clear overgrown property easily without the use of handheld cutters, sickle mowers or chainsaws. This walk behind brush cutter clears a 2ft wide path through brush, grass and weeds and up to 8ft tall saplings…

  • Hydraulic Log Splitter

    Hydraulic Log Splitter

    Our heavy duty splitter has the power of a 4" cylinder and 22 tons of force at 2500psi, splitting logs up to 26" with ease standard 2" ball hitch reciever.

  • BCS 722 Rear Tine Tiller

    BCS 722 Rear Tine Tiller

    BCS 722 Rear Tine Tiller has a 6.5hp honda engine that has a 26" box. This unit has two speeds and can turn the tines 10 times per revolution of the wheel.

  • Powertek Log Splitter

    Powertek Log Splitter

    Works in horizontal or vertical positions and with 20 tons of force it makes splitting wood simple and fast.

  • Commercial Chipper/Shredder

    Commercial Chipper/Shredder

    This Chipper will shred limbs up to 4" in diameter with ease. Standard 2" ball hitch receiver.

  • Mantis


    The Mantis is just 20 pounds. 10" tilling depth makes it easy to till in narrow spaces; tills a 9" path.

  • E-Z Trencher

    E-Z Trencher

    E-Z Trencher is designed for perfectly landscaped edges. The adjustable 3" to 4" deep by 3" wide check-shaped cut is ideal for redefining or edging for anyone who wants a manicured, professional looking edge. You can create a beutiful raised…

  • 48

    48" Towable Lawn Aerator

    Uses standard water jugs for weight which we supply. Not shown here.

  • Tree Trimming Pole

    Tree Trimming Pole

    Steel blade with 1" diameter cutting capacity, pass thru shearing action and 15" conventional saw blade.

  • 24

    24"-36" Lawn Rollers

    We offer both push or pulland towable lawn rollers. Empty these units weigh 110lbs but after adding water to them they come in at 640lbs.

  • Broadcast Spreader.

    Broadcast Spreader.

    This Broadcast Spreader has a 110lb capacity hopper, dual handles and an Accu-way even spread pattern adjustment.

  • Anvil Lopper

    Anvil Lopper

    Four-bar compound linkage triples your cutting power.

  • 12

    12" Kick Style Sod Cutter

    The 12" Kick Style Sod Cutter is a manual sod cutter that will effectively remove a 12" swath of grass or turf.

  • Manual Post Hole Digger

    Manual Post Hole Digger

    Manual Post Hole Digger

  • Back Pack Blower

    Back Pack Blower

    Husqvarna 560BTS is a powerful commercial back pack blower designed for demanding tasks. Large air flow and high air speed

  • Mid Tine Tiller 6HP

    Mid Tine Tiller 6HP

    Maxim's Largest and Most Popular Commercial Tiller. Maxim's largest serviceable roller chain and sprocket transmission. Heavy-duty slasher tines with bolt on blades

  • Toro Chipper

    Toro Chipper

    Toro Chipper generates fine mulch ideal for planter beds and walking paths. This easy-to-maintain, towable unit offers a gravity-feed system with 6" capacity, a high-output V-Twin engine and two single-edge cutter blades.